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How to massage face after facelift: Consider all your questions answered!

Following a facelift, individuals feel symptoms, including discomfort, bruising, and edema. These side effects are typical of the healing process following surgery and will go away with time. Some procedures are intended to hasten the recovery from a facelift. A targeted postoperative massage might aid in a speedy recovery. Knowing how to massage face after facelift will help you get better soon.

Benefits of massage after facelift

1. Minimizes swelling

It has been demonstrated that lymphatic massage treatments can lessen the swelling from post-surgery complications and the consequences of cosmetic surgeries. These treatments might need the removal of nearby lymph nodes and could limit the flow of lymph fluids. 

This light superficial massage method imitates the lymphatic system’s pulse and flow. It helps to transfer clogged fluids from surrounding body tissue back into the lymphatic vessels to reduce swelling and boost the immune system.

2. Relieving pain

For many people, the mere thought of anticipating pain following surgery is enough to cause worry. Although painkillers may be provided in the days immediately following surgery, many individuals desire to take them as little as possible. Also, such prescriptions only last for a certain amount of time. Nobody wants to become dependent. 

Within days following the treatment, gentle massage can be employed. They have been demonstrated to interfere favorably with the pain receptor impulses in the brain. Contrast treatment (alternating cold and warm packs) may lessen the discomfort from edema and muscular tightness.

3. Speeds Up Healing 

In general, postoperative massage can hasten the healing process. They assist the body’s removal of metabolic waste produced by cells injured during the treatment. Fresh, clean nutrients and water are redistributed to the region, feeding the new and repairing cells by improving blood and lymph circulation to the damaged area. 

The body tends to drain blood from the region to defend itself from more harm. This might cause the afflicted tissue to deteriorate and numb the nerve endings. Massage enhances the capacity and rate at which the body heals itself by promoting healthy blood and lymph flow to the affected areas. Additionally, strengthening the immune system as a whole, this approach will lower the risk of infection.

4. Softens Skin and Lessens Scarring

The body’s natural healing process includes immobilizing and shielding an injured area from additional damage. Although the body merely perceives pain and a stoppage of its regular functions, the mind can distinguish between an assault and an aesthetic improvement. Increased collagen production results from this, which can overproduce itself and leave visible hypertrophic or keloid scars behind.

Massage treatment applied locally to freshly healed scar tissue can reduce and soften this accumulation of stiff fibrous tissue. Collagen is softened by using specialized massage methods.

How to massage face after facelift?

How to massage face after facelift?

Massage your face after a facelift with caution to avoid hurting yourself. The secret to a successful facelift is to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions on how to massage your face. 

Before getting a facial massage after a facelift, the patient should contact the go-ahead from their physician. Depending on the patient’s circumstances, massage might start a few days after surgery or a month afterward.

Here’s how to give yourself a face massage at home.

how to give yourself a face massage at home
  1. Put a piece of the product the size of a dime in your palms. Spread the mixture evenly on your hands and fingertips by rubbing.
  2. To cover the entire region, glide your fingers up your forehead and between your brows many times.
  3. Then, use your fingertips to massage your face from the middle outward across your cheekbones and to your ears.
  4. If necessary, drop yourself one level and perform the same sliding, up-and-out motion across your jawline.
  5. Lastly, focus on your neck. Using gentle vertical motions, work your way up from the collarbone.

Types of massage after facelift

1. Scar massage

Usually, three weeks after surgery, a scar starts to form. Before selecting how to treat your scars, please visit your surgeon to examine them in person. Topical treatments like lotions and ointments can also help your spots disappear. Yet, massage is an excellent approach to lessen and soften them after a facelift. 

Following a revision facelift, scarring may be significantly more challenging to treat. Your surgeon will know which option is best for you.

Within the tissue layers, scar massage can ease tissue-level edema. After the wound has healed and there is no longer a chance of damaging the skin, you can start scar massage.

2. Lymphatic Massage

After a facelift, a lymphatic massage can assist with frequent side effects. These side effects include edema, bruising, and soreness. As you recover from the operation, it’s typical for certain regions to feel stiff and thickened. A soft fingertip or lymphatic massage won’t have this effect. However, a vigorous massage might speed up inflammation and discomfort. 

A light, upward massage called a lymphatic massage stimulates lymph drainage, enhances blood flow, and activates the lymph nodes. After a lymphatic massage, facelift adverse effects won’t go right away. However, because the patient’s blood circulation is improved, they will disappear sooner.

the 90 seconds massage technique

3. Swedish Massage

The equal of this massage would be mild moisturizing or gentle cleansing. Swedish massage helps restore feeling to the damaged area by lightly stroking the skin upward. Once your incision has healed and closed, you should start with this form of massage. 

Ensure the massage therapist thoroughly cleans their hands and face near the incision. Before the patient may do Swedish massage, the patient must have the stitches out.

benefits of Swedish massage

4. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massages break up lumpy collagen scar development by applying deeper, more intense pressure while using a rolling or rocking instrument.

Shiatsu Massage

What type of massage should be avoided?

Avoid receiving a deep tissue massage. After surgery, deep tissue massages might injure you and slow your recovery. Working with a licensed massage therapist is essential to prevent harm. 

For recommendations on licensed lymphatic massage providers, speak with your surgeon.

How often do you have a massage after facelift?

Generally, getting these massages three to five times a day is advised for minimal periods. Keep in mind, though, that more is not better. It’s important to use moderation while giving these massages, and you should only provide massage advice after first seeing your physician.

Other tips for speedy recovery

  1. Stay hydrated.

Be aware that staying hydrated before and after a facelift massage is crucial. 

  1. Stay active.

You could feel at peace after the massage, but you should continue to move around without straining yourself to promote blood flow and hasten the healing process.

  1. Elevated head.

Sleep with your head raised as well.


Swedish massage emphasizes gentle, upward skin contact that aids in restoring feeling to the injured area. Lymphatic massage helps to stimulate lymph drainage, promote lymph nodes, and improve blood flow. A scar massage aims to thin out the healed surgical scar by softening it.

No matter what kind of massage you select, it should always be carried out using lotion or oil to act as a lubricant and moisturizer. Additionally, it would be best not to massage your face until your incision has healed and closed. It would help if you cleaned your hands before giving the massage. You need to have your sutures out to give a Swedish massage.

Consult your doctor for post-op advice. It can include advice on how to massage face after facelift and when to start conducting face massages. Do not hesitate to speak with your doctor if you have any queries about your postoperative treatment.

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