can you get plastic surgery at 16

Can you get Plastic surgery at 16? Mystery solved!

Plastic surgery is a significant decision that you should consider and can you get Plastic surgery at 16? It would be best if you explored all the possibilities and results before surgery because this will impact every aspect of your life in the future. Before ever considering having any life-changing treatment, you should always discuss it with family, friends, and your doctor.

Plastic surgery might help those for whom body image is causing concerns with mental health, bullying, or self-esteem. But that doesn’t mean we support minors getting cosmetic surgery. So, if you are wondering, “can you get plastic surgery at 16” don’t worry; we have covered everything for you.

What is plastic surgery? & Can you get plastic surgery at 16?

Patients who undergo this surgery don’t finish up with a face covered in false features, even though the procedure’s name includes the word “plastic.” A unique kind of surgery, plastic surgery, can alter a person’s physical appearance and functional capabilities.

Cosmetic Surgery VS Reconstructive surgery: The differences!

Cosmetic surgery differs from functional or reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct flaws or injuries while also focusing on the aesthetics of the procedure. For instance, birthmarks, cleft lips, burn scars, ear abnormalities, and any other defects can be removed. But, the sole purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance and improve a person’s physical characteristics.

Particularly when it comes to teen plastic surgery, the distinctions between the two are blurred. For instance, gigantomastia, or huge teen breasts, could be reconstructive and aesthetic.

Other medical conditions can justify receiving plastic surgery. With a labiality procedure, many young women who experience painful medical issues like large labia might find relief. Similar transformations and confidence boosters include cosmetic operations like nipple and breast asymmetry repair.

Steps involved in Plastic surgery

Discuss plastic surgery with your parents if you’re thinking of having it. Suppose your parents are on board, and you are serious. In that case, the next step is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can explain what to expect before, during, and after the treatment and any potential risks or drawbacks. Depending on the surgery, you can experience discomfort during the healing process. Short-term bruising or swelling can make you appear less like yourself.

Research what is involved in your specific operation and whether the surgery is reconstructive or cosmetic because procedures and recuperation timeframes differ. Selecting a medical professional who has earned an American Board of Plastic Surgery certification is a wise choice.

The cost associated with Plastic surgery

The cost of elective plastic surgery operations varies. Although many reconstructive surgeries are covered by medical insurance, the expense of aesthetic procedures is usually paid out of the patient’s pocket. The cost will also be high.

For instance, insurance rarely pays for breast enlargement surgery because it is considered cosmetic. But, some insurance companies may pay for breast reduction surgery because many girls experience physical discomfort and even suffer from having enormous breasts. Your insurance plan’s coverage details are available to your parents.

Can you get plastic surgery at 16?

Teenagers can get plastic surgery if it has no adverse effects on their health or physical development. The youth must also comprehend the implications, dangers, preparatory requirements, and postoperative care instructions associated with their specific treatment.

Some surgeons will wait until a patient is old enough and has reached adulthood before performing specific treatments (like rhinoplasty) on them. For rhinoplasty, this translates to girls being 15 or 16 and guys being a year older.

Types of plastic surgery considered to be safe for teenagers

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery

A lumpy or oversized nose can impact teenagers’ self-confidence. But, there are some things that you must consider before entering the world of cosmetic surgery. It is meaningless to have nose surgery on a kid who is still developing. As we age, our noses enlarge. When a girl is fifteen or sixteen, she can get rhinoplasty. Yet, guys should wait until they are 18 years old. It will take the patient at least four to six weeks to recover. It is thus advisable to complete it throughout the summer.


Otoplasty or ear correction surgery

Otoplasty can treat ears that protrude. The process pins them back to make the ears appear more proportionate and natural. It is safe to execute this straightforward treatment on both teens and adults. The procedure is often carried out under anesthesia, followed by brief hospital stays. It is one of the safest treatments for youngsters.



A surgical operation called a labiaplasty is intended to shorten the labia and enhance the appearance of the vaginal region. Additionally, it alleviates the signs and symptoms of infections, rashes, and pain brought on by straining or tugging on the labia. Is it a procedure that should be performed on a teenager? Labiaplasty should be delayed until the patient is an adult. There are yet, some circumstances in which the doctor may carry it out on teenagers:

  • Significant Physical malformation makes daily tasks uncomfortable.
  • An injury to the area that results in discomfort and other issues

Even in these two situations, the surgeon must ensure the patient is physically and mentally prepared for the procedure.

Acne and acne scar treatment

The right use of contemporary prescription medications may be able to control acne outbreaks. Plastic surgeons may also “refinish” the skin using a laser or a satisfactory sanding method called microdermabrasion to smooth out or “refinish” the skin, also to monitor the use of these medications to treat acne scars.

Breast reduction

Teenage girls with huge breasts can overcome their physical and mental difficulties through surgery. Having too big of breasts causes chronic back pain in many youngsters. Although delaying may lengthen the psychological discomfort, it is advised to wait until breast growth stops before having surgery to get the best results. With breast reduction surgery, insurance reimbursement is accessible.


Take your time getting plastic surgery. If you’re considering plastic surgery, learn as much as possible about the procedure you’re thinking about, and discuss it with your parents and medical professionals. Do you know if you can get plastic surgery with HSV-2? Once you have all the information, you can determine whether the operation suits you. If you still think about whether “you can get plastic surgery at 16” or not, the answer depends on the kind of procedure and your health. We recommend you consult a professional for all your queries.

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